How do you escape
from a witch?


Last night, you got lost in a weird forest and were caught by a witch. You managed to open handcuffs and are running away from her now. On the way to escape, you will get various items that may or may not be useful. If you are caught again, you will be used by her as a subject... Good luck...


You have a friend. She is obedient to you and will get rid of the poisonous spiders and snakes that are approaching you. She is a reassuring friend.


You got a bin in the witch's garden.
Something is in the bin, and you found a dead person in front of the bin.
You may be able to make the witch drink the liquid or hit the witch with the bin to beat her down. Maybe...


In her bedroom, you found a sleeping pill spray.
If you come across the witch, and she tries to attack you,
you can spray this on her and escape.
However, she can recover within 5 minutes.

Cinnamon Roll

You found a cinnamon roll in her garden, and you also found a dead boy near the cinnamon roll.
The cinnamon roll is probably poisonous.
You may be able to use the cinnamon roll to kill the witch,
but no one knows if the poison works for the witch...


There was a book of spells that could be used to defeat the witch in her study room.
If you recite the spell, she will definitely be attacked. However, the book is heavy and difficult to carry.


You found a knife. Since the witch can use magic, the physical battle is unlikely, but this knife may be useful. It is sharp and portable.


You found a particularly beautiful ring in her dressing room.
If you put the ring on and you cast a spell, the effect will be stronger.


In her laboratory, you found a powder near the memo that says “DANGER!”
Something might happen if you sprinkle this on her.

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The characters and events depicted in this photoplay are fictitious. Any similarity to actual events, living or dead, is purely coincidental.


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